Meditation workshop in Osaka

When: 21 May
15:15-16:15  Session 1
16:15-16:45  Tea break
16:45-17:45  Session 2
Where: Slow Care Parlour, Yoshimoto Bldg. 3rd fl, Nakazaki-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Cost: (Adults) ¥2,900 (Concessions) ¥2,000  (includes refreshments)

How to transform your life: Awakening the heart 

In summary: Learn how to awaken the heart through the practice of Buddhist meditation.


How to transform your life: Awakening the heart

Dissatisfaction, problems, and conflict all seem to be an unavoidable part of life. On an individual level, these things can interfere with our well-being and even destroy our relationships. On a broader level, they can form the basis of social and political unrest. We only have to examine our own life experiences or turn on the news to understand the truth of this predicament.

If these difficulties seem inevitable, does this mean we are essentially condemned to a life of misery?

According to the Buddhist view, there is always something we can do to improve the quality of our life both for ourselves and for the sake of others. One of the most effective means for achieving this is through developing the capacity of our love.

In this next workshop, we will explore how we can practically solve many of our problems through awakening the heart. Specifically, we will learn how to enhance our experience of love and compassion through the gentle practice of Buddhist meditation. We will then be better equipped to deal with many of the problems that life may throw at us, and leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, and inspired.

Since we all wish to find lasting peace and happiness, the step-by-step meditations we will learn in this workshop are open to and effective for everyone, irrespective of whether we regard ourselves a Buddhist or not. This means that anyone who attends will be able to take away a practical toolkit for enjoying a happy, meaningful life filled with positivity. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Divided into two one-hour sessions, the workshop will be based on teachings from the renowned Buddhist Master, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. It will be led by Matt Lucas, a native English-speaker based in the Kansai region, who has been practising Buddhist meditation for over fifteen years.

The meditations will draw from the book “How to Transform Your Life,” which is available for free download here:

Everyone is warmly welcomed, including non-native speakers and people of all spiritual inclinations, as well as those with no spiritual background and complete beginners.

The workshop will be held in a yoga studio near Umeda. Not only is the central location easily accessible, but it is also a perfect space conducive to meditation. Come and join us in this oasis of peace in the heart of the city!

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